Angler Fishing


Sometimes as you’re traveling through the darkest depths of yourself, someone reaches out to you and offers you a guiding light.  Sometimes that light compassionately reflects upon your experiences and offers mentorship and support.  Sometimes that light is bait designed to lure you in and devour you whole.  Be Aware of the Angler.

Anglers spend a whole lot of time working on their external light and appearance.  It’s not about authentically cultivating their internal light for the Angler, it’s just gotta look bright enough from the outside to draw in the prey.  Anglers are also excellent lurkers and you’re likely to find them swimming in the shadows at events where inquisitive fish go to learn new things.  The Angler is often fashionable and hip with all the new designer trends and gossip, all to polish that artificial external shine and attract more fish.  Anglers also leave a trail of carnage in their wake, sad and pooped out fish that may even become co-dependent upon that kind of treatment ~ returning each time they regrow a little meat on their bones to be devoured again and again.

I have unfortunately seen many of these Anglers lurking at events and venues.  It’s even more unfortunate to see the swarms of fishes, young and old chasing after the luring external light.  In these moments, I’m Grateful for Jesus of Nazareth’s parting words “Forgive Them, For They Have Forgotten Who They Are.”

Despite the Angler’s habits, they also teach us another valuable lesson:

Bio-Luminescence ~ The Ability of ALL Living Things To Generate A Brilliant Light From Within 😀



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