Get A Real Job

Real Job Bill

Four simple words that have been spewed at me every time my entrepreneurial path has taken a downswing and I’ve been confronted with the brutal reality of reinventing myself and finding even more innovative ways to serve.

When I had jobs I worked myself into the ground for that fabled “Job Security”.  100+ Hour weeks, Weekends, Holidays, little to no vacation time, bosses telling me that my best wasn’t good enough or that what they’d told me worked 2 weeks ago was now “Wrong”…  and so on and so forth.  When I had jobs, my relationships suffered and I’d only hear from family and friends occasionally; usually when something went south or they wanted to borrow money.  I missed everything that was truly important chasing ridiculous slips of fiat money and funding wars and surveillance and other ridiculous and destructive things with my voluntary debt slavery.  Oh yeah, and that “Job Security” I was clamoring for: Dependent upon the choices and skills of others… 😛

Hunger, Ostracism, Difficult Dialogues that MATTER, Gratitude, Community, Confusion, and et cetera: I choose these over the “Job Security” paradigm.  You don’t have to like or understand it, it’s My Path, not yours.  If you’re not going to contribute to my dream and vision, then you’ve got no say in the direction I choose to walk and the lessons I choose to learn.  Whatever you think the motivation behind the unsolicited advice is, if you’re not embracing me as I am, then you’re not loving me Unconditionally.  Period.

I don’t have a job.  I never will again.

I have a Purpose.  I have a Calling.  I have a Mission.

You wanna join me?  Welcome!  There’s Plenty of World Peace for Everyone!!!  If not, have a happy life and keep your “wisdom” for someone who wants it.  I don’t have time to listen to your fears, doubts, and judgments.  I’ve got plenty of my own and those are diminishing daily.  Whether You Love Me or Leave Me, I’ll continue living my Truth.


Real Job


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