Miraculous Deception


One does not simply wish for Miracles and beg wistfully for the pity of a higher BEIng… Not if you actually want to see them happen in your life rather than confined to CGI and movie screen.

I now know at least a dozen people, including myself, who have created Miracles in their life and the lives of those they love.

I used to think that if I prayed diligently enough and lived meekly enough that I could maybe, possibly, just barely be “worthy” of small Miracles.  I’ve recently found that to be utter horseshit piled upon the Truth to keep Miracles at a premium and to keep the masses docile and under control.

You want real, lasting, meaningful Miracles that fundamentally improve your life forever?  Really?  Then CLAIM and ACTIVELY CREATE them!  You have everything you could ever need within you already, just go for it…

What?  Still not convinced?  Spent too many years as a sheep waiting for your annual shearing with the wool growing over your eyes and your senses dulled from extended captivity?  Need a reminder of what you’ve known since you were a child?

Okay, here’s a 4-Step Miracle Blueprint:

  1. Start Dreaming ~ The Bigger The BETTER
  2. Start Hoping ~ Your Dreams are Worth It and Achievable
  3. Start Doing ~ Your Best Plan is Crap if you Do Nothing
  4. Start Trusting ~ Yourself First, Then Other Will Follow

Report back in the comments as your Miracles begin multiplying ~_/1\_~


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