focus red word and conceptual target

“You Gotta Focus” The phrase echoed from so many sources it felt like I was in the Harmonic Center of a thousand converging megaphones…  Deafened by the reverberation of the deceptively obvious and paralyzed by what that might mean, I let absolutely everything fall away…

Blessed Silence.

Days passed without a blip on the sonar.  Weeks.  Things would come up and then fall apart.  Everything seemed to be built of sand and the wind and rain were torrential…

Then a whisper.  A trusted and supportive benefactor…  Uttered just once and then gone as quickly as a light breeze on a hot summer’s day: “Focus”.

And I could…  Because I now knew who I was and the incessant banter of who “I should be” or what “I should do” no longer penetrated or rocked my essence.  I was my own Lighthouse in the storm, no longer the dingy.

Where is your Hearth and Safe Harbor?


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